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Which VPN to Choose for Beijing?

2017/8/2 15:08:36

For many westerners one of the concerns about moving to Beijing is the strict regulations and censorship of the Internet. With Facebook, CNN and many social medias blocked within China, it is understandable that expats want to look into getting a VPN.
It is advisable to set up a VPN before arriving to China since many of the sites to download the software from are blocked and cannot be accessed from Beijing without a VPN.


Express VPN


Very well-known and often used amongst the expats. Being the well-known VPN provider it does also mean Express VPN is one of the providers that are targeted the most when the government raises blocking VPN access during certain events etc. Still, since Express VPN has a large amount of servers available (over 100 in 78 countries) usually you should be able access a working one. You can purchase Express VPN as a monthly subscription for 12.95USD/month,  6 months for 9.99USD/month or 12 months for 8.32USD/month
You can connect 3 devices on one account.

Express VPN also offers a 30-day trial period in which you can be refunded your money if you are not happy with it.



Astrill is another big VPN provider and has 150+ servers in 50 countries. Astrill offers a 7-day free trial period. Also being well known, Astrill gets targeted by the great firewall frequently and sometimes has a lot of issues with working smoothly.

Astrill costs 9.98USD/month for 3 months, 6.66USD/month for 6 or 5.83USD/month for a year deal.

 VPN Master


Sometimes the free, less known options are preferred, especially on mobile. VPN Master is free and although has not got as many different servers compared to the big VPN providers it works well. Of course with the app being free you will have to deal with some advertisement popping up every now and then when connecting onto the VPN.